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Questions about solar panels?
After some renewable energy advice?

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Is my building suitable for solar panels?

It really all depends on what direction your roof faces and whether or not your roof is heavily shaded. If you have a south-facing roof which gets a lot of sunlight, solar panels would be a huge benefit. East and west-facing properties are still very efficient. It goes without saying that the more direct sunlight your solar panels are exposed to, the more you and your building will benefit from solar technology.

How do I know what solar panels are right for me?

Before installing any solar panels, we will come out to your property and carry out a complete energy survey to make sure that you will benefit from them.

Do solar panels work in the UK?

As long as there is natural light, solar panels will work in the UK. At Carmarthen Solar, we will always carry out a survey prior to fitting solar panels to ensure that you will get all the benefits of solar electricity to your property. Please contact us to arrange your energy consultation.

What's the difference between solar PV and solar water heating?

Solar photovoltaic panels (Solar PV) are for solar electricity and solar water heating panels generate hot water for a property.

What areas around Carmarthen do you cover?

We cover a 50 mile radius around Nantgaredig in Camarthenshire. If we haven't included your location, please contact us to find out whether we cover your area.

Why should I choose Carmarthen Solar for solar panels in Wales?

As a family business, we understand the importance of excellent customer care and customer service. We genuinely care about our customers and offer on-going support after installation. Give us a call to discuss your individual requirements today.

More and more people are choosing to power their home with renewable energy these days but not everyone knows exactly what renewable energy is and how they can benefit from it.

Also known as "clean energy" or "green power", renewable energy does not produce harmful pollution or emissions, which makes it great for the environment.

We've put together some frequently asked questions along with energy advice to help you when considering solar panels.

For renewable energy advice or for more information about solar panels in Wales, give us a call today on 01267 290 372. Our knowledgeable and friendly team of experts are always on hand to assist you.

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